Care of your jewellery


We suggest silver dip or silver cloths for cleaning our work.  At Latham & Neve we use silver cleaning dips and cloths from Town Talk, an established British company renowned for their quality products.

For cleaning stubborn areas and recesses dipping a cotton bud or an old soft tooth brush in silver dip is usually effective.  On matt/satin and textured surfaces we also recommend cleaning with a soft tooth brush with silver dip or
alternatively a small abrasive pad can be used (ensure all recesses of the jewellery are clean and dry).

Another very effective method for very tarnished jewellery often encountered by continous wear and very little care!

1.  Line a glass container with aluminium foil, add one teaspoon of salt and      one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda, add 1/2 litre of boiling water.

2.  Leave the jewellery in the container for 30 minutes making sure that the silver is in contact with the aluminium foil.

3.  Remove the jewellery, rub any stubborn marks and dry.

Caring for oxidized silver jewellery

It is not recommended to clean oxidized silver with a silver cloth or chemicals, as it will affect the finish. It is best to just wipe the pieces gently with a soft cloth and warm soapy water, if necessary soaking beforehand. Rinse the piece thoroughly with fresh water and pat dry, again using a soft cloth.

The dark colour of oxidized sterling silver is the result of a special surface treatment that with time and wear will lighten and in places may disappear alltogether, giving each piece its unique character. If however you would like your piece of jewellery restored to its former glory, for a small fee you can return it to us for re-oxidising.