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Coco Wire Strand Necklace
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Contemporary Pendant Neckpiece in Silver and mixed metal

This Modern, designer pendant sterling silver necklace is one of our stand-out pieces, and not for the faint-hearted - it's an unconventional, sculptural piece that would not look out of place in an Art Gallery. Inspired by contemporary European jewellery as much as by the work of Barbara Hepworth and English Modernism of the 1950s and 60s, the beautiful Coco shape is hand-finished so the delicate concave shape is hammered shiny on the inside and then bastard-filed on the underside to make a rough and sparkly surface. The bastard file is not a tool that most jewellers use for finishing, but our designers are different. Available in a large and a small size, the Coco motif is strung on a wire-strand necklace made from stainless steel with a sterling silver bayonet clasp, offsetting the soft beauty of the highly-finished silver.

The Coco motif is cast at our expert London casters, hand-finished in our workshops in the Garden of England, and hallmarked at the British Assay office - can't get more Made In Britain than that!

Be brave - make a statement with this neckpiece and perhaps a Coco Grande Ring too. This is a piece for everyone - it's super contemporary and easy to wear, yet as glamorous as it gets. Buy for someone you hold dear or just to treat yourself. Go on, show it off!

Steel wire strands with silver twist clasps approximately 16 1/2" (42cm) length wire

Small on single wire
12mm high x 2mm depth 13mm wide
Large on multi wire
30mm high x 2.5mm depth x 31mm wide

All pieces are presented in a stylish gift box or pouch exclusive to Latham & Neve

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